Summer Outfits

5 Summer Outfits for Those Who Do Not Want To Show Legs

Legs show in summer! #summergoal for one, #nogo for the other. Not every woman likes to uncover her legs in summer. Maybe you find your knees too fat, have water retention in your legs or do not feel like shaving. It may also be that you just do not like short things. What the hell? Either way, we have five solutions ready for you!


1.    Boho Vibe

A cool skirt and blouse combo is virtually unbeatable in the summer! The long skirt prevents you from sticking to subway seats and cafe chairs. That can be uncomfortable and the knotted blouse makes your look really boho like. With block-heeled sandals, we even outfit fit the outfit, but is also quite suitable for the office. Depending on what you can change shoes and bag of course to your heart’s content!

2.    One Piece

Even though this outfit is actually just a piece of clothing, it looks like you’ve been thinking a lot about it. The advantage of the jumpsuit is that it looks great without any accessories and hides the body regions you do not want to show off. Without this summer really is not! The combination of casual sunglasses and the XXL shopping bag gives the look coolness and casualness. If you want that, this outfit is just right for you!

3.    Holiday Feeling

White always goes in the summer. A cool combination of maxi dress, white sneakers and a trendy raffia bag will give your look real summer vibes! The arms are not covered, so you still get sun and above all air, but the legs are hidden under the airy fabric. We would dress this outfit IMMEDIATELY!

Summer Outfits
Summer Outfits

4.    Basic Combo

Sometimes just a simple culotte, a silk top and a pair of sandals are enough in summer. That’s it! If you do not feel like thinking about a complicated outfit then this great variation does not constrain you but does not show legs. Our tip: simply exchange the belt of the culottes with your favorite belt and the look looks much more personal and harmonious. Incidentally, he is also comfortable. Yay!

5.    Denim Look

If you want to style yourself absolutely trendy, you should definitely put on a denim skirt in the summer. Yes absolutely! Above all, the midi skirts made of jeans are very trendy this year and can be styled super easy. Just some cute mules, a simple black (or optional white) shirt and a few statement earrings. We love Creoles! You’ll see, you do not want to take off this outfit, bet?

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