Parent-Child Cures

Parent-Child Cures: Relaxation For Body and Soul

If parents run out of breath or children can not get properly healthy, then offers a cure. Parent-child cures are holistic treatment measures that take into account not only the actual clinical pictures but also the psychological well-being. Cures are often used for treatment when the therapies at the place of residence are exhausted and no improvement has occurred. This is often the case for chronic diseases such as asthma and atopic dermatitis, but also applies to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.


It is crucial that the treating physician certifies the necessity of the cure after a thorough examination and issues the corresponding certificates. This is also possible after serious illnesses such as breast cancer surgery of the mother, after deaths in the family circle or personal problem situations.

The Formalities

Once the applications have been completed and the certificates have been written, you can either submit the application directly to the person responsible for the respective health insurance fund or contact one of the welfare associations, such as Caritas or Müttergenesungswerk, who forward the application and take care of the transaction. In the case of a refusal, one can find support in the objection and possibly prepare a clarifying discussion with the medical service of the health insurance funds (MDK), in order to better explain the necessity of the cure.

Children and father or mother can go to the spa together if:

  • Father / mother is in need of care and a separation is unreasonable or the children can not be accommodated elsewhere.
  • Father / mother and child are in need of care and all can be treated in a clinic.
  • the child / children are in need of care and a cure can not be carried out without an accompanying person.

The right to a cure exists every 4 years, whereby the health insurance companies take over the costs up to a co-payment of 9 euro with adults. In addition there is a travel cost participation. Under certain conditions, all co-payments can be partially or completely taken over. For a cure, the employer may not count holidays, but it may – depending on the company agreement – come to a reduction of the salary. Information about this is provided by employer and works council.

Those who are privately insured can claim the costs of the cure as a special expense in the income tax return. For this, however, a certificate from the medical officer about the medical necessity of the treatment must be obtained before the start of the treatment. It should be remembered that this step may take a lot of time and you have to take care of it in good time.

Three Weeks to Recover

Parent-child cures are usually 3-week in-patient preventive or rehabilitation measures designed to help people help themselves and not as a sick leave. Rather, suggestions should be given and techniques should be learned with which an improvement can be ensured in the long term after the end of the course of treatment.

Meanwhile, there are numerous health clinics that have completely adjusted to the care of families. During the 21-day stay, an initial interview will be held, which will be translated into a treatment plan together with the examination. The treatment plan includes different treatments, treatments and discussions depending on the type of illness. But despite the emphasis on the medical aspects of the spa, the modern health clinics also offer a wide range of leisure activities. If required, the spa can be extended by one week on request.

Which Clinic is The Right One?

Which clinics come into question depends on the disease. The health insurance companies provide information about this as well as the charities. Often there are also brochures and information material about the clinic and health resort available.

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