Accessories for the Dirndl

Accessories for the Dirndl: Upgrade for the Oktoberfest outfit

Have you already found your look for the Oktoberfest? Then it is time to round it off with great accessories!


When it comes to the right Dirndl, the choice is often difficult. But also the accessories should be carefully selected.

Which jewelry do you wear for a traditional costume and which hairstyles are currently on the market? These are the perfect accessories for dirndl.

Accessories For The Dirndl: The Perfect Necklace

A dirndl conjures every woman a beautiful cleavage. A matching chain provides an additional eye-catcher.

Whether with a simple pretzel or heart pendant, filigree flower ornaments or traditional costume jewelry – everything fits the dirndl!

A great eye-catcher are also choker with a velvet ribbon, which fit close to the neck and thus represent the perfect counterpart to the low-cut dirndl.


A Bag For Dirndl Is A Must!

Without bag on the Oktoberfest? Unthinkable! Finally, the purse, the smartphone and the front door key must be safely stowed.

However, the bag should not be too big – backpacks and co are not allowed on the grounds anyway. A small crossbody bag or a hip belt bag, on the other hand, are just the thing.

Or how about a bag in heart shape or with a great embroidery design?

Accessories for the Dirndl
Accessories for the Dirndl

Accessories For The Hair Enhance The Look

If you do not feel like a sophisticated hairstyle, but still looking for the certain something for the hair, should grab a flower wreath.


Not only does it look great, it also gives the Oktoberfest look a romantic touch. The hair can be worn both open and pinned.

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